Make Security a Central Component of Software Development Workflows

Automate to free up resources for Mission.

DevSecOps: Uniting Development, Security, and Operations for Mission-Centric Results

DevSecOps combines people, processes, and tools. This trifecta helps development teams to craft better code. Its essence lies in fostering a cross-team collaboration, pivoting towards the automation of software development while ensuring cost-effectiveness.

Why DevSecOps?

Organizations that wish to pull together IT processes, security teams, and application developers need to incorporate security into their DevOps pipelines. The goal is to make security a central component of the software development workflow, rather than retrofitting it later in the cycle.


Incorporating security doesn’t mean sacrificing speed. By automating security checks and measures, DevSecOps ensures you achieve mission goals faster, while keep up a reasonable development pace.


Employing state-of-the-art tools that scrutinize code in real-time means detecting vulnerabilities happens real-time. This proactive approach ensures that potential threats are identified and mitigated during the development phase, reinforcing the code's integrity.

Threat Modeling

Simulating threats isn’t just about identifying vulnerabilities—it's about understanding them. Through methodical threat modeling exercises, Federal agencies can shed light on weak spots, enabling faster reaction times.